Never soak your wool backpack in water. Lightly dab fresh stains with a clean wet cloth. Or use a wool brush available in stores online. You can also lightly rub some fresh powdery snow over the wool parts of your backpack in the winter, this will refresh it. Let it dry in the shade  to preserve the colors and away from any heat source. Wool is naturally water-repellent.


Prewash stains by hand with cold water and laundry soap. Rinse briefly.

This shows how to prewash the bag by hand with soap

Then machine wash or hand wash separately or with similar colors. Use gentle cycle, cold water only and regular laundry detergent (no harsh detergents). 

Preferably put the backpack inside a pillow case or wash bag like in the video. 

Hang to dry IN THE SHADE to protect the colors. NO DRYER.

 This shows how to hang your wet backpack to let it dry