Pazenabackpacks is a one woman show. I started this business in 2016 out of my love for Latin America and hand woven crafts, especially backpacks. I also love quality. I started crocheting and knitting at 5 years old.

This website is mostly a word-of-mouth business, as it is not linked to google and I am not advertising. It's a curated collection of several quality products.

An artisan at a fair in Oaxaca

An artisan at a fair in Oaxaca

This is all about the slow production/low waste business model, where there is no stock and each product is made to order in a traditional way, which takes time and patience. The weavers work out of their own homes and at their own pace. The result is quality items that will last a long time as long as they are taken care of properly.

The main actors are life-long master weavers in Oaxaca, Mexico who were taught the backstrap loom technique by their parents and this goes back hundreds of years. Who knows how many generations have been working on those looms... We know for sure that the backstrap loom technique is pre-Colombian.

The church Santo Domingo in the historic dowtown of Oaxaca

The Santo Domingo church in the historic center of Oaxaca

Silk shirts embroidered by hand in Oaxaca
These silk shirts are embroidered by hand and sold at high-end stores in Oaxaca. Everything is one-of-a-kind in Oaxaca.

How did I find the artisans? One day I just decided to go to Oaxaca to look for a weaver who could make the backpack of my dreams. I had brought some kind of ugly plastic backpack sample. Some weavers turned me down because the model was too complex and too much work, until I stumbled upon Gloria. She agreed to give it a try and now she is able to make my three models to perfection along with her team of artisans. Later came the idea to make it a business.

I created 3 backpack designs that the Oaxacan weavers make to my specifications: the SAKADO, the CAPRICHO™ and the HAZANA™, the latter being the most complex and difficult to weave and sew together, even for such talented artists. These three models come in 10 to 15 different colors.

The Hazaña backpack is the most in demand. Customers love the keyfobs, the water bottle holder and all the other pockets. The Capricho also has the same features but instead of the side water bottle holder it is a zipped pocket.

The archeological zone of Monte Alban close to Oaxaca, an amazing site on top of a hill overlooking the whole Oaxacan valley

The stunning archeological site of Monte Alban close to Oaxaca, on top of a hill overlooking the whole valley

A beautiful building near the Santo Domingo church.

An old building in downtown Oaxaca

Mole sauce is the specialty of Oaxaca. They serve it on meat, enchiladas and many other things

Mole is the culinary specialty of Oaxaca. It contains locally grown chocolate and beans

The cotton used is grown in Mexico and the backpacks are machine-washable in cold water (no dryer).

The wool backpacks and items are treasures I found while in Oaxaca. They were so beautiful that I felt compelled to add them to the website.

A typical street in Oaxaca

A typical street in Oaxaca

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by clicking on the "Contact" tab at the top of the home page.

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Also check the product videos on YouTube at Pazena backpacks.

A popular street outside the historical center

A popular street outside the historical center

A man sharpening knives on a bicycle

A man sharpening knives on a standing bicycle: creativity is not only in art fairs! One can notice it everywhere on the streets.

For my quality hemp and cotton backpack, which is made industrially, head over to www.myshittybackpack.com or Instagram @myshittybackpack. This backpack costs 34 USD worldwide shipping included. It is the exact same model as the Hazaña backpack here.

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